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Mitsubishi Heavy Industries

Кондиционер Daikin FHQ100C/RZQSG100L9V1 потолочного типа

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Кондиционер Daikin FHQ100C/RZQSG100L9V1 потолочного типа

Кондиционер Daikin FHQ100C/RZQSG100L9V1 потолочного типа

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Recommended: Up to 100 sq.m. room

DAIKIN HEAT PUMP Ceiling Suspended SEASONAL CLASSIC INVERTER Air Conditioning system FHQ100C RZQSG100L9V1

•  Suitable for ceiling heights of up to 3.8m without loss of capacity
•  Seasonally Efficient Inverter Technology gives up to 25% better efficiency 
   than inverter technology
•  Forced off: The optional forced off enables the unit to switch off 
   automatically, for example when a window is opened
•  Suitable for Twin, Triple and Double Twin applications
•  Comms, computer and server room cooling possible with  
   EDP setting (Seasonal Smart)
•  Selectable evaporating & condensing temperature for greater  
   operating efficiency (Seasonal Smart)
•  DIII net compatibility as standard


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